Monday, March 31, 2003

In anticipation of the upcoming Pink Lemonade short (to be released online soon), Pink Lemonade now has its own web domain! The domain points to the existing PL content that is also accessable as before from the main White Radish site here, but now you can specifically access it at or, if you prefer, Unsurprisingly, and are reserved, and in a sense it's my fault for not registering them earlier, but I do hate those opportunistic squatters for taking those names, out of hopes that someone would buy them back at an inflated price. It is, of course, possible that it wasn't an act of squatting, but the fact that the URLs don't currently lead anywhere (except to one of those we-have-your-name, ha ha ha! "under construction" parked-domain pages typical of squatters), I think it's a fair assumption. Anyway, Pink Lemonade news will always be posted here, as well as on the PL sub-page/new domain. The short is 7 minutes, and is intended as an introduction to the Pink Lemonade characters and their relationships to each other. It's in Flash, and it will be posted in the same manner as Cutethulhu was. This one will feature some useful playing controls.