Monday, February 22, 2010

One of them is fixed.

The Pink Lemonade production diary is now fixed and up and running again, with the improvements that come with the Blogger features that were never available to FTP users. This news page is next to be migrated, though since it's my home page it may require a bit more work.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Change is in the air

Blogger, which I've been using for years to post these news updates on this site, has recently announced that they're shutting down their FTP publishing, which is what I've been using here and on most of my other blogs.

This means I'll have to reformat things around here to work with the Blogspot system before May 1, a task which will be made easier by the fact that I've already migrated a couple of my blogs over to that system already, such as Rants in my Pants (my personal blog). I've been working on migrating the Pink Lemonade production diary there, as well, and that will be done before this news page is. Might be about time for a little redesign here as well.

The good thing about this forced migration is that I'll be able to use some of the more useful Blogspot widgets here and there, making navigation and tag searching easier, and probably providing an alternative progress gauge for the production diary that would be better than the little Flash chart I'd been using. I can also add more options to track the progress using whatever news aggregators you may prefer.

In addition to this, the gallery that I had been using to display some of the art here has gone under, and will not be returning, as far as I understand. Therefore, I've begun to explore my options over at Deviant Art, where I now have a skeleton gallery. Again, it'll probably be better and more flexible than the galleries I have hand-coded here on this site, so I expect I'll be shutting down those old pages once I've migrated the art over there.

So, all in all, change is coming, but perhaps it's change for the better.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fixing broken bits

Some things are still messed up both here and on the Pink Lemonade site, notably the production diary there and the header graphic here. I am aware of those problems and will be fixing them as I'm able to do so.

Also, the anniversary animations shown below are now available in higher resolution on Youtube, replacing the smaller ones from Revver.

There have been other developments in this time as well, of course, but nothing I think would be relevant to the interests of this news feed.