Saturday, June 29, 2002

The poll is so evenly divided between DivX AVI and VCD, I think I might have to offer both. That's DivX4, by the way. I'm not sure about DivX5, from what I've been hearing about it. Updates this go-round: The trailer for The Item is back online after a long absence, in the same formats as the rest: DivX4 and MPEG-1. No mirror yet, and the mirror for the other trailers is down as a side effect of our recent move. This site and the e-mail accounts suffered a few outages during that time, as well. The mirrors will be up again when I secure some more web space. Plus, a new link on the links page. Con appearances: Currently in the lineup are Fanime Con in California, Anime Central in Illinois, and Project A-Kon in Texas.