Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Google is hilarious! :-D My hit tracker tells me what searches led to my site, and at one point this site was ranked #4 for "tentacle anime" or "tentacle hentai", thanks to The Evil at Tentacle High! Well, at least it really is tentacle hentai, and thus it's not misleading, like this latest report, which tells me that I'm getting hits for "hentai flash animation". Naturally I tried it out for myself to see what it was saying. Here's how it was summarising my site: The White Radish Web Site ... The incredible Flash animation content all over the place here ... You're really going to need the Flash plugin for ... a secret special project for the A-Kon Hentai ... - 14k - Cached - Similar pages ellipses there, eh? ^^; Check out my 2002-07-19 post below to see what some of the missing words were. (Looks like the other quote was from a post that's already scrolled off).