Monday, June 16, 2003

Not so negative

When I rant, it doesn't mean I'm angry, or that the things that I rant about affect me as much as it may seem to. I just enjoy discussion and debate, and my little editorials here are a form of that, to me. I thank those who responded to my last one, both on the Yahoo group and in e-mail. I hope no one interpreted my rebuttals as actual attacks on their positions. I frequent a few discussion groups on Usenet where debate is de rigueur, and I suppose outside of those settings it might seem harsh. None of that is intended! I was at Anime Mid-Atlantic this weekend, where I promoted my work, sold DVDs, and held my panel on how to animate in Flash the way I do. It was again a very intimate gathering, but hopefully those who attended came away with a better understanding of the ways Flash can be used for character animation. In other news, I have a few Pink Lemonade-based games, some Flash, some Java, that I've had for a while, and have been debating putting online. Recently, I've decided that I will. A couple of them need a little polishing, and I need to make a page to showcase them, but after that, you can expect to see them within a few weeks.