Tuesday, October 7, 2003

New release and a minor site improvement

I was recently perusing the site of another independent filmmaker, and he had something I've seen on occasion before: a production diary. I've often contemplated having such a thing on my own site, primarily to keep interested people informed, but I suppose it would also be useful to track my own progress. I believe I will add one to the Pink Lemonade section, even though I'm usually more comfortable working in silence and surprising everyone -- I don't like stringing people along. Case in point: Circumstances forced me to push back the release of the Pink Lemonade short (my apologies to the roomful of people to whom I announced an end-of-summer release), in favour of completing production of a new, professionally pressed and distributed DVD of three of the previous shorts. The new DVD (titled "White Radish Collection of Shorts: Magic & Monsters") contains The Item, Apprentice, and Cutethulhu, making Cutethulhu available on DVD for the first time. Also included is a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of our animation over the years, as well as multiple commentary tracks for the shorts. The Evil At Tentacle High is not on this DVD, for reasons of grouping together all the 13-up animations. It will be re-released later in a new pressing bundled with the Pink Lemonade short. In the meantime, it can still be obtained on the DVD-R Perfect Collection, which will be retired when everything has been released on pressed DVDs. Magic & Monsters is being manufactured as of this Monday, and will be available here in 2 weeks. It's currently available on preorder at The Right Stuf. Since Google obtained Blogger, they've made some improvements. One of the improvements was a clarification on some of the coding tags, the result of which is that archives of previous news postings are now available from a link near the bottom of the page.