Friday, April 1, 2005

How nice

Looks like my domain registrar finally woke up again, after what, 3 days? That's it. No more. I'm switching to GoDaddy. Already switched the Pink Lemonade domains, and that's why those were online when this one was down. You, the viewer, will see no difference except that the site won't be down for days at a time for no bloody reason, and e-mail won't get lost or delayed anymore, and I won't have to deal with rude, unhelpful tech support that can't even be contacted in person anymore. Goodbye Discount Domain Registry. Ah yes, in happier news, I completed another paying job, a Batman-style cartoon commercial for a bail bond company in California thanx to RCA Media at the Red Rock Media Centre, where I used to work back there. It's some of my better work, but I'll have to see if they mind me putting it online here, after they finished adding the music and sound effects. This job leads immediately into the next one for Drowtales, which will be online around tax day.

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