Tuesday, February 4, 2003

I've received a few questions regarding Cutethulhu, so until I make a specific "about" section for it, I'll try to answer them here. Firstly, I don't intend to make a series involving the same characters or situation...it was just a one-shot joke, and an experiment to see what I could do in Flash. You may see the character designs resurface in later works, though not as the same characters. Sarah's design, for instance, is very similar to one of the girls in The Evil at Tentacle High, although of course in Cutethulhu she's much younger. Think of it as the same actor, but a different character. ^_^ I should also mention that although I chose to save the movie in Flash 6 format, I didn't use any features specific to Flash 6 to make it. I just think the interface for 6 (officially called "MX") is much better and easier to use than older versions. The reason I prefer to save in Flash 6 is because the files are much smaller than their ancestors. Speaking of The Evil at Tentacle High, I may end up putting that online in Flash, too. I primarily used Flash to animate it, but I used some other non-vector software for various parts of it, so it would actually take a while to re-do those parts in Flash. It was my first experiment with using Flash for an animation, and it was rather primitive compared to Cutethulhu. So, back to the subject of a series, while I am doing a series of Flash toons to be released periodically, they'll be a mix of shorts and little things like the greeting cards and other little interactive widgets. Most of the shorts will be Pink Lemonade based.