Sunday, February 23, 2003

Well, as anyone who went there knows, Katsucon was hit by something closely resembling a blizzard on the last day, causing most of us to be stuck there an extra day. It was a fun day, regardless, and I survived the slippery trip back home with no incidents. Cutethulhu won first prize in the Katsucon original animation contest, but to my misfortune I missed seeing the audience reaction both times they showed it. This is a call to anyone who videotaped or knows anyone that videotaped the Katsucon opening ceremonies and/or Cosplay. I would very much like a copy of the parts involving Cutethulhu! Speaking of which, many people are continuing to link to one or the other of the bigger and smaller versions of Cutethulhu. One of the reasons I created the info page was to allow people to make the choice for themselves, and so they don't have to go into it with no idea what's going on. Link to the info page!